Monday, February 3, 2014

14 Fabulous Non-Candy Valentine Ideas

It's almost Valentine's Day and I've come across all kinds of creative handmade valentine ideas on Pinterest. I love sweet treats as much as the next person, but today I'm rounding up 14 Fabulous non-candy valentine ideas! Not all of them are pictured here so make sure you scroll down for all the links and check out the incredibly talented bloggers who are behind these fun ideas!

1. Tiny animal valentines  2. Pencil arrow valentines  3. Rainbow loom valentines  4. I'm blown away by you valentines  5. Paratrooper valentines  6. Love is in the air balloon valentines  7. Crazy owl valentines  8. I'm stuck on you valentines  9. Paper airplane valentines  10. Word search valentines  11. Funny whoopee cushion valentines  12. Sticker valentines  13. You rule valentines  14. I wheelie like you valentines

Rebecca Cooper

Rebecca is a mom of four. She enjoys crafting with her kiddos, taking photos, and afternoon naps. Rebecca is a professional photographer and author. Connect with Rebecca on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. Sign up via email for the latest updates from Simple As That.


  1. These are all so great! Really love the rainbow loom valentine! Thanks for sharing, Rebecca!

  2. Thanks so much for rounding these up. My boys love the airplane valentines and we've printed them and are excited to get them ready to go.

  3. These are great!! I love the ruler idea! Nice to have more ideas that don't involve sugar ;)

  4. Such cute ideas, Rebecca! My girls are loving looking through all the great ideas online....I will definitely be showing them your collection!!

  5. I love the paper airplane idea! I like to do something with a photo because I think it's a nice idea for my daughter's little friends to get a picture to keep as a memory of their friendship. She's in preschool now, so she may outgrow that as she gets older, but it's fun for now. This year we did glow bracelets saying "You are a glowing example of a good friend."

  6. What awesome ideas! As much as I love candy, I wish my daughter came home with more of these! :)


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