Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Retro Halloween Photo Overlays

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays and because of this, I've amassed quite the collection of Halloween photos through the years. I've been working on a Project Life® album to compile all of our Halloween memories and couldn't help fancying up a few of our photos while I was at it.  I love combining my obsession for typography with my photo projects + I had a lot of fun with these!
These photo overlays are perfect for adding a little bit of retro flair to your Halloween photos. I'm sharing a few examples of how I've used them on my photos and will be revealing more of how I've put them to use in my Project Life® Halloween album next week, so watch for that!

These overlays are perfect for 3x4 and 4x6 photos and are all in PNG format so you can use them as is, or customize the color + opacity however you'd like.

Included in the set are 13 overlays in total. Detail photos are included below. Overlay No. 6 comes in horizontal and vertical format along with four different versions with text for years 2010 - 2013. These overlays are seriously so fun + I love the simple touch they add to my photos!

Purchase my Retro Halloween Photo Overlays set 
before October 1st and get it for $1 off!
How to use these overlays:

-Once you've purchased the set you will be emailed a download link to your zipped file within 48hrs.

-Download and unzip the overlays folder.

-Open the overlay and the photo you'd like to add them to in the photo editing program
of your choice.

-Select the overlay file then copy and paste onto your photo.

-In PS/PSE use the cntrl-T command and while holding down the shift key {this prevents distortion} resize the overlay however you'd like.

-If you'd like to change the color of the overlay, in PS/PSE go to SELECT --> LOAD SELECTION --> OK. Once the overlay is selected then go to EDIT --> FILL and select your color.

-You can also play around with the opacity of the overlay to vary the effect.

I hope you enjoy creating with these fun overlays + I can't wait to share more about my Halloween Project Life® album. It's simple and no-fuss but it's filled with lots of fun family memories! :)

Rebecca Cooper

Rebecca is a mom of four. She enjoys crafting with her kiddos, taking photos, and afternoon naps. Rebecca is a professional photographer and author. Connect with Rebecca on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. Sign up via email for the latest updates from Simple As That.


  1. Aww, so cute, nice costumes. And yea, the overlays are pretty, too. :)

  2. I love the overlays! I can't wait to see them in your album!!!

  3. Just found your blog through eighteen25 & can't believe I've never run across it! Absolutely adore it!! <3 Heidi from Parties for Pennies


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