Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Simplify Week One: Drawers + Shelves

I'm excited to be joining the fun that is Project Simplify over at Simple Mom this month! I can't wait to get a few areas in our temporary little rental house cleaned up + organized. There's still snow on the ground here in southern Alberta but I'm holding out hope that Spring weather + warmer temperatures will arrive soon. When they do, we'll be spending all the time we can outdoors, so I'm eager to get some Spring cleaning out of the way!

Week one was all about drawers + shelves. I decided to start with the expedit shelf in my craftroom/office. I completely dropped the ball on a before photo...ooops. But its looking SO much better!! Trust me! I purged my scrapbook paper by nearly half + am excited to have simplified this part of my life! No more digging through piles of paper to find just the right one for my current project. I now have one shelf of pattern paper and one shelf of colored card stock, each organized by color. My plan is to only have enough paper that will fit on these two shelves - no more! If it doesn't fit I'm not going to buy it!

I've had the handy locker baskets {similar to these} for years now and I continue to get so much use out of them! I love that I can see everything that's in them with a quick glance. I haven't begun to organize each basket yet - they're just a mess of miscellaneous craft stuff. That's another project for another day - to sort + label the baskets.

Next week's Project Simplify hotspot is "that pesky closet" and I'll be tackling this one:

Yikes, is what I say too! It contains more of my craft supplies as well as some of the big kids clothes that need to be hung, since there are no closets in their bedrooms. I'm looking forward to getting this space more organized...will share the after photos next week! :)

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  1. Those shelves look so good. Like a breath of fresh air. Your closet looks way better than mine! It's the one area I have tried to organize, but keep failing! Can't wait to see what you did with your already good looking closet ;)

  2. Oh, and... I'm totally taking part in this!! Everything on my closet's top shelf decided to fall on the floor today! Leaves me no choice.....!

  3. I love your room! And I'm so excited to get your Instagram template.

  4. I did a ton of spring cleaning too. No before or after pictures...

    Things are starting to warm up here in Ontario. Hoping we won't get snow (as usual) close to the end of April.

    I'm a new follower on StumbleUpon (, Pinterest ( and Google+ (

    Looking forward to connecting.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    Finding Humour in Everyday Life

  5. It looks lovely, I bet you keep standing and smiling at it. I know I would :)

  6. I love those box shelves, I have seen so many people use them for storing everything from craft/knitting supplies to kids toys to books. I think I need to find myself one, or maybe convince my hubby he needs another building project :-)

  7. Oh good - when I saw your first picture, I thought: If that is her "Before" I'm going to scream. Glad to hear it is really your "After"! It looks fantastic. I reorganized the cabinets in my laundry room this week with Project Simplify, and boy did they need it!

  8. I am always forgetting to take BEFORE photos. ;) Your AFTER looks so pretty!

  9. This is brilliant. I am actually ashamed of my craft room. It's so cluttered that I end up bringing stuff into the living room when I want to craft :(

  10. Great tip to keep supplies to a limit - if it doesn't fit on the 2 shelves, you aren't going to buy it. My thing is, if I'm not going to use it within the next 6 mos, I will hold off buying it until then.

  11. Love your shelves!! Which album are u fitting on a shelf? Is it a tight squeeze? Looks like WeR album or Amer Craft?

  12. Love your shelves!! Which album are u fitting on a shelf? Is it a tight squeeze? Looks like WeR album or Amer Craft?

  13. Nice work! I am in the midst of trying to get ready for our much, much smaller rental in LA this summer... sigh. How much longer until you can settle for real again?

  14. @Heidi Y - In the upper left I have the project life binders, they fit just barely. On the second shelf I have a few American Crafts albums, they fit with plenty of room to spare. :)


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