Monday, April 1, 2013

Favorite Quotes Mini Album + Printables

I'm an avid quote collector and a few years ago I had high hopes of finally getting my ever-growing collection organized into one place. I literally had quotes everywhere - jotted down on scrap pieces of paper, recorded in my day planner and pinned on pinterest! Can anyone relate?

Now, thanks to the brand new, super cute Project Life mini albums, I'm happy to say all my quotes will finally have a home!!

I began creating some simple printables of my favorite quotes back in 2011, imagining that I'd print them out and include them all into a photo album someday. I never did find the perfect album and the project got put on the back burner, until  I saw the new Project Life mini albums and I just  knew they'd be perfect for my little album of quotes!

Here's a peek at the page spreads I have in my favorite quotes album so far. There's no theme to the quotes on each page, it's an eclectic mix of topics and colors. I plan to use a mixture of my printable quotes and leftover project life cards that don't find a home in my other albums. I tend to like my Project Life pages more photo heavy than anything, so I know I'll be left with some extra journaling cards along the way. I am excited to put them to good use in this little album of quotes!

Creating printables of my favorite quotes is something I love to do, but would be far too time consuming to do with all of them. Writing down quotes or printing them directly onto project life cards will make filling this album quick, easy and fun! The project life cards that I've used so far in the album are from the neutral Baby Edition.

For now I'll be playing catchup and adding quotes I already have collected, but I'm really excited that I'll have a place to put a new quote as soon as I find it! Jotting down quotes on project life cards and adding them directly to my album - skipping the middle step of recording it on a scrap piece of paper and promptly losing it - is going to be so great! I will be keeping things as quick + simple as possible when updating this album. I'm not worrying about a color scheme, I'm not worrying about design - its all about recording my favorite quotes and getting them all in one spot where I can easily find them and where others can read and be inspired!

I'm loving this project so much and I can't wait to see my favorite quotes album fill up! 

I still plan to create a few fun printables of my quotes, I love the way they look mixed in with all the handwritten quotes.  You can find a handful of the quote printables that I included in my mini album in 4X6 sizes here or you can purchase a PDF version of all the printables pictured above, there are 20 altogether!

More info about the PDF file:

The PDF file contains all the quotes pictured in the pages above in a variety of 4X6 and 3X4 formats to fit perfectly in any project life album. They can be purchased from my shop for only $2.50 and would give you a great jump start on your very own album of quotes or can be used in any project life album you're currently working on. The PDF file includes 3X4 versions of my popular Forever Family and photography themed wall prints! 

I'll be continually updating my blog with more quote printables to add  to my album so stay tuned for those! I just love creating them, I can't help myself! :) If you have any requests of quotes you'd like me to use, please leave them in the comments or email me at'd love to hear from you!

Did you also know that all project life mini albums are on sale for 20% off now through April 5th! Grab them now at this great price!!
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  1. Fabulous!!! Seriously - I always love your printables and quotes and what an awesome use of the mini album! This will be something your kids will appreciate when they are older, too - words of wisdom from mom :) Fantastic!

  2. I have been collecting quotes and small poems for over 40 years and I love this idea! It's more fun than all the journals stacked together. The only thing I will add is my favorite pictures to some of my favorite quotes. That way, I will have both in one place! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a great idea to collect the quotes in all one place!

  4. I have random quotes all over the place, too, and love this idea to collect them all in one spot!

  5. This is such a great idea!

  6. What an awesome idea!

  7. Oh okay, AWESOME idea!! I have a little book of quotes and sentiments and things like that that is COMPLETELY jumbled up. I need somewhere like this so I can write down things and then just open it up and flip to "birthdays" for example when I want a quote to put in a birthday card. Thanks so much!! This was the kick in the butt I needed to go and buy the mini albums that are on sale! Thanks a lot!!

  8. Such a lovely idea, Rebecca, and so perfect with the mixture of typography and handwritten quotes!

  9. what an incredible idea!!

  10. I have quotes written and pinned and scattered all over the universe. This is something I'm definitely adding to my to-do list : )

  11. Anonymous8:29 AM

    what do you use to make the printable quotes?

  12. What a darling idea! i love quotes too! How great to have them all in a fun book!

  13. LOVE this idea!!!!!! I have a composition book I recovered that is my quote bookatthe moment, but I'm totally in love with this!!!! I really wish I knew how to make my own printables for some of my quotes though. Lol

  14. LOVE this idea!!!! I have a composition notebook that I've recovered that is my quote book, but I'm soooooo loving this!!!!! I just wish I knew how to make my own printable quote cards for it.

  15. Thanks so much for inspiring in me a desire to actually use my mini album!! I have so many quotes I copy or pin, now I have a plan for them. Got your download to get me started x

  16. I can't wait to start this. I am going to purchase your quotes to add to mine. I was wondering if you would mind sharing how you did the title page.


  17. Love this! One of my fave quotes is "Do the best that you can where you are and be kind." by Scott Nearing

  18. What a lovely, incredible idea! Thanks for sharing. I saw this on the weekend wrap up party and HAD to check it out!!

  19. This is wonderful! I will be including it in my roundup for Saved By Love Creations, and featuring you on Printable Decor. Thank you!!



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