Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter Book Page Bunting

We couldn't possibly let Easter pass us by without creating one of our fun little book page buntings! I think we officially have one for every holiday now! Follow along as we create this simple bunting for Spring/Easter!

What you'll need to make your Easter bunting:

some string or twine
a stapler
coordinating pattern paper
gluestick or other type of adhesive
some pages from an old book

Here's how you'll put it together:

1. Using your book pages cut out however many rectangles you'd like approximately 3.5" x 6" in size.

2. Snip out a triangle shape from the bottom of your rectangles. Hint: From left to right, find the center of your rectangle then measure about 1 3/4 " from the bottom to find where the top point of your triangle will be.

3. Cut out the number of bunnies you'll need for each piece of your bunting. Download your free bunny template here. I've included a variety of sizes on the 8.5X11 sheet so choose the one that works best for you!

4. Attach bunnies to your bunting pieces being sure to allow enough room to fold over the top edges. Place a button in the center of each stocking.

5. Now you're ready to put your bunting together. Simply cut a length of string and attach banner pieces to string by folding top edge of banner pieces over the string + staple. Space banner pieces evenly along the string by sliding them back and forth as needed.

6. Now hang that cutie up somewhere and enjoy your new Spring decor!

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Rebecca Cooper

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  1. I just love these book page bunting banners you make! They are all so cute!!

  2. Thanks so much! I just love every single one of these banners that you've made. This darling bunny is one of my favorites, though.

  3. I was not able to download the template. Please email to me at:
    Thank you.

  4. OMW I love this! So simple and beautiful - I'm a sucker for any paper craft really! Pinning! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I was reading a blog I follow and saw your lovely post on the bunny bunting. I went to download the .pdf but have been unable to... has it been taken down do you know? I thought it'd make an adorable stencil for my small flag I'm making out of burlap. Thanks! Your site is lovely!!

  6. Thank you I love it and I made my own... Looks great and I will be linking back to your site! Thanks!
    Susan @Homeroad


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