Monday, November 5, 2012

A month in photos - October 2012

October 2012

October flew by in a bit of a blur for me, I'm not sure about you?? We had a fabulous month filled with lots of exciting things. Here's a glimpse at what we were up to...

We started off the month with visit to the Calgary Alberta Temple open house.
We experienced our first snowfall of the year. 
We had fun doing all sorts of Fall crafts.
We picked out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch and carved those bad boys.
We roasted pumpkin seeds for the first time in a long time and they were delicious!
We celebrated Addie girls fifth birthday.
We had a fabulous Halloween. The weather was chilly but not too cold and the kids had lots of fun trick-or-treating for their first real time in two years.

How was your October?

If you've created a collage of your month-in-photos, simply post your collage somewhere online, copy and paste the html code for the month-in-photos button below and include it in your post,  then come back here and leave a link to your collage so everyone else can see your fun photos! 

I can't wait to see your month in photos!

For more info about the month in photos project go here.You can download any of my free collage templates or use your own collage and join in the fun with us each month! Just think of the incredible collection of photos we'll have put together at the end of 2012!

Rebecca Cooper

Rebecca is a mom of four. She enjoys crafting with her kiddos, taking photos, and afternoon naps. Rebecca is a professional photographer and author. Connect with Rebecca on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. Sign up via email for the latest updates from Simple As That.


  1. You make the most beautiful collages! This one is so ful of life :) Love it.
    October was a tricky month for me since I obviously have been photographing less than normally... Gotta try to find some more time in November. Have a happy month!

  2. i need to do my october collage! i kinda forgot since it doesn't seem like it should be november already!!

  3. Your photographs are amazing! I love the soft muted colors and your composition. They make your blog so stylish and lovely.

  4. Great photos! Have a great week!

  5. Looks like a great month, as always!

  6. What a beautiful month :)

  7. We had a fabulous October since my hubby’s birthday falls on October. Unfortunately we haven’t done any month-in-photos. I should say that the photos look great above.


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