Thursday, April 21, 2011

friday craft day: easter egg candy pouches

After a search around the island failed to turn up any plastic Easter eggs for our annual Easter egg hunt I knew it was time to come up with a plan B. When I stumbled across these cute paper candy pouches online one day I knew I'd found the perfect solution! Only problem? I don't have access to a sewing machine & hand sewing enough pouches for four kiddos, well that just wasn't going to happen.

 So here's what I did:

1. Using Crystal Wilkerson's Happy Spring kit I created some pattern paper & monogrammed egg shapes. I made four different sets, each in a different color and with a different monogram, so my kids will know what eggs are theirs during the Easter egg hunt.

2. I then cut out my pattern & monogrammed eggs with an equal number of plain white eggs.

3. Next I took a pattern paper or monogrammed egg for the front, paired it with a plain white egg for the back and began stapling along the edges to create our Easter egg pockets. I made sure to only staple 3/4 of the way around the egg.

 4. Then I filled the egg pocket with fun Easter treats. I used some fun spring colored treats {skittles, chicklets for the big kids & hawaiin fruit lifesavers.} You can use anything really, but treats that are a little on the flatter side will fit best in the pouches.

5. The last thing I did was finish stapling the edges of the eggs together and that's it! Super easy! I have these cuties all ready and waiting for our Easter egg hunt Saturday morning!

Alivia kindly agreed to take our little egg pouches out in the yard for a quick test run before the real hunt & she thinks they're going to work just fine! ;)
We're all looking forward to lots of Easter fun and treats this weekend and I hope you are too!

Happy Easter everyone!

 I'll see you back here in a week or so after a little blogging break while my kids and husband are off school. Stay tuned for a handful of pre-scheduled posts during my time off.


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  1. hooray! What a great, colorful alternative! I knew you would find a way to "make lemonade." :)

  2. SO cute! Enjoy your time with your family!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful craft ideas. I thought you might like to see my adaptation of your Spring Butterfly Mobile. The photos not great, but you'll get the idea.

  4. That is the most adorable idea ever! And your pictures are darling! Have a nice break!

  5. Hooray...

    glad that you found a way.

    enjoy family time....

  6. You are stinkin' creative! Adorable!

  7. Adorable idea! I love that it is "no sew" and uses pretty paper! Gonna do this one for sure :)

  8. The most adorable idea!

  9. I love the concept! And I have some cute paper that needs to be used.

  10. I think I actually like these MORE than plastic easter eggs! Super cute! Hope every one has fun at the hunt! Came over from Whipperberry's link party.

  11. What a great idea. It is so cute. I might have to "borrow" this same idea for my kiddos.

  12. I love that you stapled these! It's still cute and yet easier! I am having a Silhouette Blog Party and one of the shapes in it is a Egg Pouch. You may not have used the Silhouette but I would love it if you would (or if you would let me) link up this project as an example of how to use the shape.


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