Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm going to have to postpone Q and A friday until next week.


We've had two sick kiddos (Addie and Carson) and one of them (Carson) was up half the night last night puking. The two of them woke up this morning feeling ok but we're all going to have naps and just take it easy today.

Rebecca Cooper

Rebecca is a mom of four. She enjoys crafting with her kiddos, taking photos, and afternoon naps. Rebecca is a professional photographer and author. Connect with Rebecca on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. Sign up via email for the latest updates from Simple As That.


  1. I completely understand! My two girls were sick all week!!! Can't wait for spring!!! Feel better!

  2. Hope you guys start feeling better soon! Let me know if there is anything I can do.

  3. My son was sick this night too!!!
    So good luck with your 2 sick kiddos.

  4. Oh don´t you worry about us. We can wait. Thanks for this post though, it is good to know why you don´t post the Q/A. Feel better!

  5. Feel better soon! RSV finally left our house.

  6. RSV finally left out house. Hope you all get feeling better.

  7. You are so sweet to be concerned about us. Although we will all miss you this week, just rest and get everyone better. Blessings to you and hope you have a restful, peaceful week.

  8. eck it's really going around down there! Hope you guys feel better soon!

  9. Everything good? No guilt at all- just worried. Hope everyone is doing and feeling fine.


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